Xenia Systems understands the full spectrum of support necessary to accomplish the intelligence mission – operations through analysis. Our experts have decades of experience in the Department of Defense and the IC as practitioners of their art and provide you with immediate desired results. We enable optimum integration of data, technology and people to achieve sustained mission success through practical innovative solutions.


Xenia Systems’ seasoned GEOINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT and all-source analysts possess the ability to provide nuanced, objective and timely assessments on your most challenging intelligence problems. Our analysts provide objective assessments driven by intimate knowledge of the target and supported by data analytics.

Policy & Compliance

Policy provides the framework for collaboration, coordination and operational success, while compliance ensures integrity of the mission. Our clients are the most innovative in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. However, innovation can come at a cost if compliance with laws, policies, and directives are transgressed. Xenia Systems Experts provide compliance risk mitigation assessments and recommendations at the speed of your operations. The result is uninterrupted mission focus and innovative operations free from regulatory risk.

Specialization in Defense HUMINT Executor (DHE) Capability Compliance

Xenia Systems maintains Defense HUMINT Compliance Subject Matter Experts (SME) with experience directly supporting USSOCOM elements that enables our staff and customers to facilitate consistent application of DHE operational compliance requirements. The expertise provided by Xenia can result in reduced incidences of Intelligence Oversight violations from operations managed under Global Combatant Command (GCC) DHE authorities and risk mitigation of future violations for our client base. As the National Defense Strategy focuses our nation’s efforts against Great Power Competition (GPC); Xenia Systems remains poised to effectively reduced risks and potential impact of how USSOCOM plans, executes, and supervises HUMINT operations. Our nation’s focused operations require detailed planning, greater interagency coordination and cooperation, and therefore inherently incur more risk. Without consistent understanding and application of compliance requirements, USSOCOM and GCC’s incur additional oversight risks during the execution of these operations. The processes and risks throughout the application of DHE authorities can be effectively reduced and mitigated through continuous, consistent application of legal, policy and regulatory compliance. This propriety support provided by Xenia Systems, LLC can minimize the risks to our customers while enabling more streamlined approvals and concurrences needed to conduct operations on a global platform. The results of such application by Xenia Systems, LLC personnel would be reduction of intelligence oversight infractions while flattening operational processes and expectations.


Successful operations require a combination of skill, experience and innovation. Xenia Systems delivers by providing experts within distinct operational roles, believing there is no one size fits all. Our targeters, collection managers and staff operations officers drive operations and serve as trusted advisors to your most complex operational challenges.

Linguistics & Translations

Xenia Systems offers a full range of language translation and interpretation services. We have a language enabled staff and also have the ability to recruit native speakers and highly trained linguists for several mission-critical languages in support of our client’s needs. We focus on hiring experienced linguists, with verifiable language skills and experience obtained through residency and/or academia, in order to fulfil this critical gap for all of our clients. Xenia Systems understands the importance of a localized linguistic skill in order to facilitate the highest-level of mission interoperability for all of our customers.