Management Consulting

We assist our clients to improve overall organizational or program performance by utilizing Xenia’s Subject Matter Experts to provide objective advice and guidance to ensure “best practices” are implemented guiding industry are followed.

Operations Coordination

Allow an experienced Xenia professional to ensure organizational procedures are being adhered to, staffing levels are appropriately determined, project tracking and planning are managed accordingly.

PMI Certified Project Management

Our Project Managers and Operation Coordinators work collaboratively with our clients to identify the optimal mix of resources required for their mission, and then apply proven methods to arrive at the desired results in the most efficient way possible. Our PMI-certified Project Management Professionals stay abreast of new trends in technology, processes, and methodologies and incorporate the most applicable approach into solutions for our clients. They also strictly adhere to our company-wide philosophy focusing on providing the best client service while demonstrating professionalism, teamwork, integrity, and respect.